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strawberry dessert recipes

Strawberry Desserts

Strawberry Desserts

Strawbeery Dessert Recipes



Strawberry flavor: Ek packet

Baraf: Hasb-e-zaroorat

Vanila ice cream: Ek packet

Mix mewa: 200 gram

Color candies: Hasb-e-zaroorat

Cream: Ek packet

Strawberry sos: Hasb-e-zaroorat



Ek jug ma strawberry flavor nikal len, Ab glass ma baraf, vanila ice cream, thore mix mewey, cream, candies or strawberry flavor daalen. is ke bad dobara mix mewey or cream shamil karen. Sath hi sidon ma strawberry sos daalen. Delicious strawberry desserts tyar hai. Color candies se garnish kar ke serve karen.

strawberry desserts

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