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shashlik rice recipe

Shashlik Rice

Shashlik Rice

Shashlik Rice Recipe



Chicken cubes: Ek cup

Shimla mirch cubes: Ek cup

Tamatar cubes: Ek cup

Peyaz cubes: Ek cup

Sirka: Ek cup

Chinese namak: Ek chaye ka chamach

Laal mirch: Ek chaye ka chamach

Chilli sos: Ek chamach

Ketchup: Ek se char cup



Chicken cubes ma sirka, chilli sos, namak, mirch dal kar 1/2 ghante ke liye rakh den. Ab shashlik stick ma ek ek cube peyaz, tamatar, shimla mirch or chicken laga kar is ko grill kar len. Ketchup dalen or ubley huwe chawlon ke sath pesh karen. Mazedar shashlik rice recipe tyar hai.


Shashlik Rice Recipe in Urdu


shashlik rice

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