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seo training

SEO Training

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a process which we use to rank a website in search engines. It is the best way to increase the traffic volume and earning of a website.

Search Engine Optimization Training

OXIC TECH is known as the best institute in Pakistan for SEO Training in Lahore and SEO Training in Karachi. OXIC TECH has a professional team of Search Engine Optimization Experts who teach Search Engine Optimization Course to their all students with 2019 latest White Hat SEO Skills. It is our aim to make our all students Experts in search engine marketing field.

Want to learn SEO? OXIC TECH is offering Professional Search Engine Optimization Course worldwide. We are offering Online SEO Training in Karachi and all over Pakistan. We are offering also Online Search Engine Optimization Course worldwide. First time we are offering SEO Training in Lahore through our home tutors for both male and females. You can get a handsome job after completion of Professional Search Engine Optimization course. You can also work in your home and earn a handsome amount through this professional course. All the students who are going to abroad for study purpose, this course would be very beneficial for all of them. They can get there a part-time job very easily of an “SEO Expert” with a handsome salary package. This SEO training will lead you to future technologies. This course fee is affordable for everyone who wants to take admission in this course.

Why SEO Training?

seo course fee

Google has become the most popular search engine in all over the world. Bing and Yahoo are also known as best search engines all over the world. But most people use Google as a search engine to search for their relevant queries. That’s why online business has become famous all over the world. There are many kinds of websites. Some sites provide valuable information to their visitors and some sale items of different categories.  For an online business, people build a website for their business and earn lots of sales. All the people who need any kind of information, they visit an informative site and who want to buy anything they visit sale purchase website.

There are lots of SEO companies in Pakistan who are working on different client’s websites. Clients from all over the world hire the best SEO company to increase the traffic and sales of their websites. The best Search Engine Optimization Company has lots of qualified SEO Experts who work on the client’s websites. It is not an easy work to get a top ranking of a website in search engines. Only a professional SEO Expert knows that how a website gets a top ranking in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Some Search Engine Optimization Experts join a company which offers them a handsome salary package. Some Search Engine Optimization Experts work online at their homes on their client’s websites and earn a handsome amount from their clients.

There are lots of job opportunities for SEO Expert available every time in Pakistan. Lots of Search Engine Optimization Experts jobs are also available every time in most developed countries like UK, US, UAE and Europe. That’s why OXIC TECH is offering Professional SEO Training in Karachi, Lahore and all over the world. Anyone who wants to become an SEO Expert in Karachi or SEO Expert in Lahore or anywhere, he can get admission in this course. All the people who are going to abroad for study or job purpose, this training will help them to get there a job of Search Engine Optimization Expert with a handsome salary package. OXIC TECH teaches professional SEO course. OXIC TECH is offering complete White Hat SEO course. We do not teach any Black Hat SEO Technique which is not good for a website.

SEO Training in Karachi

seo training in karachi

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. There are lots of companies in Karachi who are working on their clients’ websites to improve their ranking in search engines. They need lots of employees to work on their client’s websites. They are offering handsome salary packages with a bonus to all employees. OXIC TECH is offering online SEO training in Karachi for both male and female to fulfill all requirements of those companies. All the people who are looking for the best institute to join Professional Search Engine Optimization Training in Karachi, they can join us. The fee for this course is affordable for everyone.

SEO Training in Lahore

seo training in lahore

Lahore is one of the major city of Pakistan. There are lots of offices in Lahore who need SEO Experts in their offices to work on their own or client’s websites. But there are no more professional persons available in Lahore for them. Hundreds of Search Engine Optimization jobs available every time in Lahore for professional persons. That’s why we are offering a complete White Hat SEO training in Lahore who fulfills all the requirements of all those companies who need Search Engine Optimization persons. First time in Lahore, OXIC TECH is offering SEO course through their Home Tutors for both male and female students.

Features of Course

We are offering a professional course for your bright future. There are two main parts of this course. First is On-page optimization and Second is Off-page optimization. Detail of both parts as under:

On-Page Optimization:

      • Google Trends
      • Google Adwords
      • Keyword Research
      • Content Optimization
      • Content Plagiarism
      • Content Readability Score
      • Keyword Density
      • Google Panda
      • Meta Tags
      • Meta Title
      • Meta Description
      • Meta Keywords
      • Heading Tags
      • Image Tags
      • URL Structure
      • Color Scheme
      • Internal Linking
      • Broken Links
      • Page Loading Time
      • Redirect 301
      • Redirect 302
      • Robots.txt
      • XML Sitemaps
      • Google Webmaster Tools
      • Google Analytics

Off-Page Optimization:

      • Google Penguin
      • Directory Submission
      • Social Bookmarking
      • Article Submission
      • Press Release Submission
      • Forums Submission
      • Classified Submission
      • Blog Commenting
      • Web 2.0
      • Profile Linking
      • Local Search Engine Optimization
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Search Engine Optimization Audit
      • Search Engine Optimization Tools

Benefits of Course

      • You can get a job of “SEO Expert” very easily in your area with a handsome salary package.
      • You can work online on different projects and earn a handsome amount.
      • After developing your own website, you can implement your SEO techniques on your website which will help to get top ranking of your website in search engines. Top ranking increases traffic and sales of your website.
      • All the students and other people who want to work part-time, this is the best course for all of them. There are hundreds of part-time SEO jobs available in your area every time.
      • All the students who are going to abroad for study purpose, this course would be very beneficial for all of them. They can get there a part-time job very easily with a handsome salary package.

SEO Course Fee

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Contact Information

Contact us through Skype, Email, Call or Whatsapp on the following number for all kinds of other inquires.

Rizwan Arshad
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Address: 374-3-B2, Township Lahore

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