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onion pizza

Onion Pizza

Onion Pizza Recipe


Pizza roti: Ek adad

Pizza sauce: Ek cup

Origano: Ek chaye ka chamach

Peyaz: 2 adad

Chedar cheeze: Ek cup

Mozarella cheeze: Ek cup (kadookash kar len)


Onion pizza banane ke liye pizza ki roti ek pizza pain ma rakhen. Ab is per pizza sauce lagayen. Mozarella cheeze chirken. Is per peyaz gol kat kar dalen. Akhir ma chedar cheeze chirak den or origano dal kar garam oven ma 180 centi grade per 25 minute tak bake karen. Mazedar onion pizza recipe tyar ha. Garma garam serve karen.

onion pizza recipe



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