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cream chaat recipe in urdu

Cream Chaat Recipe

Cream Chaat Recipe

Cream Chaat



Cream: 2 packet

Cheeni: Ek cup (pisi hui)

Namak: Ek chothai chaye ka chamach

Safed mirch powder: Adha chaye ka chamach

Aam: Ek cup

Angoor: Ek cup

Keley: 2 cup

Saib: Ek cup

Aroo: Ek cup

Tarbooz: Ek cup



Ek peyaley ma cream, pisi cheeni, namak, safed mirch powder, aam, angoor, keley, saib, aroo or tarbooz dal kar achi tarha mix kar len. Mazedar fresh cream chaat recipe tyar hai.


Cream Chaat Recipe in Urdu


cream chaat recipe

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